“What is EmpowerU?”

It is a  year-long program, in which you will be learning various spiritual and holistic modalities, all while becoming an entrepreneur. It’s a three fold type organization instruction school. So basically what we’re doing is as you’re healing you, you’re taking the information that you’re learning and you’re applying it within you. You’re learning a wide array of therapeutic, spiritual, and holistic approaches not just to benefit yourself, but also to gain a deep understanding of how to apply and collaborate with others. You’re learning all these various spiritual holistic modalities to not only work with you but know how to implement and work with other individuals. And you can use this in whatever realm that you choose.

“Who is EmpowerU for?”

From our experience and by analyzing the data from our past clients, the people who come to this organization are at an impasse. They have come to a point in their life where they’re exhausted, they’re burnout, they feel like they can no longer continue to live life the way that it is and they’re ready for a drastic change in their life. They realize that the only way to make that happen is to start building a foundation for their future self. And in order to create that foundation, they work on their self-discovery and their healing while moving forward.

“How does EmpowerU help individuals move forward?”

Every week, we gather, and within our community, we connect in ways that are truly profound. Each of you is paired with accountability partners and coaches, companions who walk this path
of healing and growth with you. As you navigate the process of healing and rebuilding, you’ll also be forging powerful connections with a tribe of people who will make you feel seen, heard, loved, and deeply understood. This experience is incredibly empowering.

We’re committed to your transformation. We closely monitor your progress, observing how you are when you first embark on this journey and revisiting your thoughts every 90 days. Sometimes, the most profound healing happens internally, and the outward changes may seem subtle. Yet, it’s important to remember that we not only witness the shifts within, but we also see them manifest in the world around you.

It’s easy to focus solely on the final destination when embarking on a journey like this, but let’s not forget the beauty of the path itself. In guiding and supporting you, we help you not only discover your true self but also navigate the route toward the destination you desire. This process is nothing short of amazing and beautiful, and it unfolds at your own pace.

“How long do I have access to EmpowerU?”

With this extraordinary program, you gain a lifetime of access. What does that mean for you? It means that all the classes and resources within the portal are yours to explore for as long as you desire, once the program is paid in full.

Your journey is boundless, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Additionally, you’ll always have the opportunity to join our weekly live coaching sessions. These sessions are not just about connecting with new coaches and healers who bring a diverse range of skills to the table; they’re also a chance to interact with fellow members of our community. In these
sessions, we offer one-on-one hot seat coaching, group coaching, and engaging group lessons in our educational offerings.

Your program includes a variety of courses that will be at your disposal, designed to enhance your journey. Furthermore, there may be other specialized programs that come your way, and while these may involve an additional fee, you can choose to explore them if they align with your specific interests and goals.

This isn’t just a program; it’s a lifelong journey of growth and discovery. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

“What is included in the EmpowerU program?”

The breakdown is that as a Spiritual Life Coach and an Intuitive Energy Healer, the requirements are that you actually learn the Blueprint to Happiness method, which includes Discovering Yourself, Happiness, Mindfulness, Inner Child Work, Shadow Work, Authentic Self, and Enlightenment. However, you can attend all of them and receive all of them. And those modalities include to Holistic and Spiritual Modalities Options. In-depth certifications include:

  • Trauma-Informed Certification,
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Intro to Energetic and Intuitive Studies
  • Personal Development
  • Intro to Psychosomatic Work
  • Two additional Holistic and Spiritual Modalities of Your Choice

However, you can attend all of them and receive all of them. And those modalities include:

  • Hypnotherapy Certification
  • Angel Certification
  • Breath Work Certification
  • Mindfulness Certification
  • Meditation Certification
  • Mindset Certification
  • Ho’oponopono practitioner
  • EFT-certified practitioner

Once completed, all of those courses will allow you to work as a holistic and spiritual practitioner.

“Why did you (Atoya Hodges) start the EmpowerU Program?”

My journey into this endeavor began with my own profound experiences. As a therapist with more than 25 years of dedication, I’ve always held a deep love for the practice. However, I came
to a realization that there was a deeper layer of work waiting to be explored.

In embarking on my own healing journey, I discovered untapped facets of my innate gifts and spiritual abilities. It was during this transformation that I started experimenting and implementing these newfound insights with my clients. The impact was truly remarkable. I found that I could connect with individuals on a much deeper level and help them achieve profound transformations, exceeding even the results I achieved as a therapist.

This led me into the spiritual and holistic realms, where I began to see a significant gap in the coaching world. Many individuals were becoming certified coaches, yet they lacked essential trauma-informed knowledge, the understanding of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and the profound insights of neurolinguistic programming. In many cases, these coaches unintentionally re-traumatized those they were trying to help.

Yes, they were achieving some positive outcomes, but the absence of foundational knowledge about trauma, behaviors, and the deep-rooted connections between past experiences and present actions left a gap in their approach. As a result, they sometimes ended up recreating the very traumas they sought to heal.

I felt a deep calling to change this and offer something unique to the market – a comprehensive program that not only equips individuals with a thorough understanding of trauma, behaviors, and various modalities but also provides the means to address deep-seated issues. It also emphasizes the importance of knowing when to refer someone to a trauma specialist, ensuring that individuals receive the right support on their journey to healing and growth.

In creating this program, my intention is to empower both coaches and individuals to transform lives in a way that is truly informed, compassionate, and deeply healing.

Usually I try to find my way out of treatment, but this time I really needed help. I have learned how to accept, and move through these feelings with Dr. Atoya. After seeing her for several months, she has shown me nothing but compassion and understanding when I am feeling at my worst. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know.

Tamara Roberts

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