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Grab Life by the Horns with 6 Intensive Sessions (Use ’em Up in 90 Days)

Alright, superstar, listen up. It’s time to kick your transformation into high gear. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive deep into a whirlwind of 1:1 hypnotherapy, healing, counseling, and mentorship sessions. We’re not here to mess around – we’re here to guide you towards a life that’s brimming with empowerment, clarity, and that no-holds-barred authentic fulfillment.

The Ultimate Transformation Cocktail:

  1. Hypnotherapy:

Dive into the uncharted waters of your subconscious mind and let’s get to work. Our certified hypnotherapist is like a mind ninja, using advanced techniques to unearth those sneaky limiting beliefs, obliterate emotional roadblocks, and rewire your brain patterns. Consider it a VIP pass to overhauling your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to sync up with your wildest goals and dreams.

  1. Healing Magic:

Brace yourself for a healing extravaganza tailored just for you. Whether it’s energy healing, Reiki, sound therapy, or zen-like mindfulness practices, we’ve got your back. We’re talking about sweeping out that stagnant energy, finding your emotional balance, and reclaiming that inner peace like a boss. Get ready to ditch emotional baggage, heal ancient traumas, and strut into the room radiating good vibes.

  1. Personalized Counseling:

Think of us as your personal cheerleading squad but with a dash of tough love. Together, we’ll unravel your passions, values, and goals, and then blueprint your personal roadmap to glory. Our counselor is on standby, ready to dish out support, hold you accountable, and drop pearls of wisdom as you hurdle over obstacles and dance in the rain of your achievements.

  1. Mentorship and Sage Advice:

Meet your backstage pass to the big show. Our experienced mentor is like a treasure trove of insights and wisdom. Whether you’re wrestling with career conundrums, decoding relationship riddles, or seeking spiritual enlightenment, consider them your personal Yoda. They’re here to drop knowledge bombs and offer a nurturing space for your inner blooming.

  1. Results That Rock:

We’re not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Our 360-degree approach merges hypnotherapy, healing, counseling, and mentorship into a powerhouse of transformation. Picture it: you, healing deep within, gaining superhero self-awareness, and walking away with a toolkit of strategies to crush challenges. Our mission? To set you on a path of authentic living, unleash your inner lion, and crack open your limitless potential.

6. Masters of the Craft:

Our dream team is a handpicked bunch of certified hypnotherapists, seasoned healers, top-notch counselors, and wise mentors. They’ve got the keys to your transformation kingdom and they’re ready to help you unlock it.

7. Bespoke Bliss:

You’re one-of-a-kind, and your journey should be too. Our sessions are like a tailor-made suit, designed to fit your unique challenges, dreams, and quirks. Prepare for a transformation that’s as unique as your fingerprint.

8. Your Safe Haven:

This is your sanctuary, your no-judgment zone, your soul’s playground. We’re here to hold space for your inner exploration, your breakthroughs, and your authentic self. No masks, no facades – just you, raw and real.

9. Mind, Body, Spirit Revival:

We don’t do quick fixes – we’re here for the whole enchilada. It’s a mind, body, and spirit fiesta, tackling root causes and nurturing your complete well-being. Get ready to bloom from the inside out.

9. Support For the Long Haul:

Transformation doesn’t stop when the session ends. We’re here for the follow-through, the integration, and the ongoing support. Your growth journey is our obsession, and we’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.

Ready to ignite your inner spark, unleash your untamed potential, and craft a life that’s drenched in purpose and fulfillment? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and join the Inner Transformation adventure. Reach out to Atoya Hodges LLC today to snag your personalized 1:1 sessions. Together, let’s unlock the boundless magic that resides within you.

Why Choose Atoya Hodges LLC?

1. Meet Your Chief Trailblazer:

Our guide? Think of them as your fulfillment fairy godparent, blending healing, coaching, and mentorship wizardry. With a knack for high achiever magic and a heart bursting to see you thrive, your success is their mission.

2. Custom-Fit Awesomeness:

You’re one of a kind, and so is your journey. Our sessions are like tailor-made suits, perfectly fitted to your unique challenges, dreams, and quirks. Get ready for a personalized experience that transforms your path to fulfillment.

3. Secret Sanctuary:

Imagine a world where you can lay it all on the table – desires, fears, vulnerabilities, the whole shebang. Our space is judgment-free, confidential, and ready to be your emotional playground. Let’s dive deep, heal, and grow together.

4. More Than Skin Deep:

We’re not just in it for a quick fix. Our mission? To unleash a transformation that seeps into every crevice of your life. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about revolutionizing your well-being and sparking a fire of lasting change.

5. Fulfillment Uprising:

Together, we’ll crack open your passions, fine-tune your values, and craft a life that’s bursting with purpose. Our sessions are your key to unlocking your genuine self, embracing your superpowers, and living a life that lights your soul on fire.

Ready to rock this rollercoaster ride to fulfillment? Let’s lace up our boots, grab our map, and create a masterpiece out of your blueprint. Welcome to the journey – it’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be raw, and it’s gonna be unapologetically YOU.


I have found my experiences with Atoya to be both very informative and helpful. I first met Atoya in the most emotionally broken state I’d ever known. It was in a room full of people, and she picked me out and approached me, stating that I really needed a hug. She wasn’t wrong but I thought I was hiding it better than that.

Sessions with her really help to dissipate the fog that clouds my mind. I appreciate our sessions and look forward to the next one.

Starr Sutherman

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