Atoya is a beautiful soul! She has helped me to grow and become my authentic self through our bi-weekly sessions online. I highly recommend her if you are interested in re-connecting your mind, body and soul. Her insight and intuition are always on point. After working with her I feel more confident in all my relationships (work, friends and family) and in my own skin. It’s worth your time and money!!

Liesl Jeffers-Francis

Magical experience! Atoya is an amazing healer. She incorporates different modalities that focus on healing the whole person. I highly recommend Atoya.

Kristi Abbott

Atoya is one of the smartest…brightest…most intelligent woman I’ve met!

Kimberly Frazier

I’ve learned soo much from Dr Atoya 💗. She’s impacted my life & journey in such a beautiful way. She’s incredibly supportive & has such an uplifting spirit. You can tell that her intentions are the purest. She’s opened my eyes to embrace myself & love on myself as well as let the love from others in. Everything about what she represents & her character is golden. She makes it easy to open up & to just be my authentic self with her which is something I’ve greatly appreciated. Her light shines so bright & I’m certain that it’ll only carry on as a chain reaction of greatness to impact humanity to seek out their own. Thank you Dr Atoya for serving the world being you with nothing but love & grace.

Sunset Remedy

I first meet Dr Atoya Hodges at the juneteenth festival a year or two ago, had her card but never contacted her until two months ago. The session she and I have had has been life changing for the both of us in many ways, uncovering things within each other and ourselves. The she is hands down great at what she does and most definitely a must have in your healing journey.. If you are in a place in life where you need healing, guidance, with Masculine and Feminine Healing, inner child healing, hypnosis and many more services she offers look no further than Dr. Atoya Hodges LLC. But don’t take my word for it book a session today..

James Spivey

I have found my experiences with Atoya to be both very informative and helpful. I first met Atoya in the most emotionally broken state I’d ever known. It was in a room full of people, and she picked me out and approached me, stating that I really needed a hug. She wasn’t wrong but I thought I was hiding it better than that.

Sessions with her really help to dissipate the fog that clouds my mind. I appreciate our sessions and look forward to the next one.

Starr Sutherman

This was a huge step in my growth. I was able to find resolution to situations that I hadn’t actually acknowledged before.

Renee Hughes

Dr. Hodges is absolutely AMAZING!! She is so passionate about her gift/skill, and it shows. It doesn’t matter if you sign up for 1 session or ongoing sessions. She will continuously follow up with you to make sure that you’re okay. She doesn’t do it to upsell and there is no hidden agenda. She genuinely cares about her clients and that is priceless! I am so happy that we crossed paths.


Connecting with Atoya is very easy and life altering. She offers up vast services and answers to questions you didn’t think to ask. I think her gifts are real and a result of her own personal journey and spiritual connection.

Cynthia Collie

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